“The Antigone Project” Stage Play

Pacific will be presenting three segments of The Antigone Project: A Play in 5 Parts, Antigoneleigh
conceived by Chiori Miyagawa and Sabrina Peck.  We will be presenting Hang Ten by Karen Hartman, Antigone Arkhe by Caridad Svich, and A Stone’s Throw by Lynn Nottage. Experience Antigone and sister Ismene, the pair tackling familial affairs never before discussed, forever changing the way we view these two daughters of incest. Discover a historical Antigone juxtaposed against a digital Antigone as archival memory attempts to understand the inner workings of the immortal Antigone in a language that is beautifully poetic and wholly riveting. Witness Antigone as a mother and a lover – almost unimaginable versions of the steadfast heroine – and open your minds to consider the little-known woman behind the martyr.

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