The Antigone Project: Director’s Statement

The Antigone Project uses, as its foundation, the story of ANTIGONE written by Sophocles.

But it was written post 9-11. It was written in contemporary language. It was written to engage a contemporary audience with ideals and themes that emerge from the play ANTIGONE.

You will experience a short play that is set on the coast overlooking the ocean while surfers surf. You will experience a play in which you are taken on a tour of a museum in which you experience the life of Antigone in the flesh, and a digital representative. You will experience a play in which the life of Antigone is dramatized through the life of Africans and the draconian laws perpetrated against women for simply loving a man.

I will warn you, these plays do not look like, feel like, sound like or resemble, in any way, the original play ANTIGONE. The plays you will see take a relatively contemporary event, and the many themes from ANTIGONE and give us totally re-imagined plays. If you are turned off by classical plays, fear not because there are not classical. If you are a fan of classical plays, I dare you to come find the parallels of contemporary re-imagined texts against its classical inspiration.

If you are unfamiliar with or need a quick brush up on the story of ANTIGONE, click here.

– Director Michael Wayne Rice

P.S. Some of the themes that THE ANTIGONE PROJECT explores include societal control, sovereign power, a surveillance state, individual determination in the face of adversity, women’s rights or lack thereof. But we chose to focus on one that encapsulates some of the themes from the classical text. The theme we focused on was the idea of “shut up and obey”. In a contemporary context, post 9-11 legislation has propelled society much closer to the idea of a society that simply obeys and does not question. A society that raises not an eyebrow when the government legislates, unto itself, the ability to make unilateral decisions regarding citizens’ rights or going to war. A society that relinquishes itself to a governing body as deceptive as deception itself. But Antigone is that shining beacon of light that shows us the individual does not need sacrifice one’s own morals and principles.

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