Andie: Design Concept Statements


As costume designer my job is to support the director’s vision­to give the actors clothing that speaks to their characters and underlines the relationships and circumstances of their story The modern setting of Andie encourages us to seek parallels to current events and people­both real and imaginary. The costume design was informed by several key elements. Colors for the president and his entourage were kept in the black/gray range to emphasize the coldness and rigidity of the characters. Andie and Izzie are in colors, both as a contrast to Creon and Claire and to tie them to their brothers in a scene from better times. And yes, Creon and Claire are modelled on the Underwoods­the current image of the perfect power couple.

– Kathleen Lowe, Costume Designer


Scenic Design

For the film Andie, the director proposed his desire for the world of the film to be dateless and yet parallel some of our more significant current events.  Considering Andie takes place just as a civil war comes to end I began to research the current civil war in Syria.  Wars are instigated by the leaders of any given country whether consciously or subconsciously, and as the characters in this film are indeed leaders and their family I began researching the president of Syria, as well as other world leaders involved with the Syrian civil war. was a place to start.   Being as set design is determined by locations, I began researching potential locations.  Taking architectural elements of the world’s leaders formal and informal offices, the world of the film took shape.

– Christina McCollam-Martinez, Scenic Designer

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