Andie: Cast & Crew

Written And Directed By
Gary Armagnac

Editor & First Assistant Director
Billy Lowe

Executive Producer
Cathie McClellan

Costume Designer
Kathleen Lowe

Production Designer
Christina McCollam-Martinez

Studio Manager/Gaffer
John Farrell


Wenona Truong, Andie

Tyrus Loveless, Creon

Kelly Manlaibayar, Izzy

Tyler Reardon, Captain A

Luke Bolle, Aide De Camp

Derek Gunther, Harry

Maya Sritharan, Claire

Jenna Graves, TV News Anchor

Ky Mazyck-Holmes, Soldier 1

Haylee Jenkins, Soldier 2

Matthew Banes, Soldier 3

Hans Lee, Paul E. Niseaz

Bill Nguyen, Ed Tiocles

Michael Wayne Rice, Dr. Ty Resius

Script Supervisor/Assistant Editor
Luke Bolle

Audio Recording
Mathew Banes
Jenna Graves
Ky Mazyck-Holmes
Becky Cooper

Filmed on location and at the Motion Picture Studio at University of the Pacific, Stockton, California

        Copyright © 2016 Gary Armagnac

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