“ALVA” The Film

The students’ focus during Fall 2014 semester is the creation of an original film. From the Fall 2014 Playwriting course, student Austen Yip’s stage play was chosen to be the film portion of Condemned. Alva was edited into a screenplay by director Gary Armagnac, It explores the troubled upbringing of sisters Alva and Willie, who is the central character in the stage play This Property Is Condemned. It is a prequel to Williams’s famous one-act play.

Gary Amargnac directed and adapted the script into “Alva,” and began the the film project in early January from casting roles to building sets. Amargnac was new to capturing the digital reel, but not new to the world of film. Before he became the fantastic professor that he is today, Armagnac stepped in front of the camera in the popular series Star Trek: The Next Generation. Wow! As the director, Amargnac sought out actors in all different fields on campus  ” This experiment in Transmedia is just the beginning for us. Down the line, I see us partnering with many other departments here at Pacific to produce some very exciting projects. Imagine students writing a play, staging that play, turning it into a film, then into an animated piece, and then into a video game. That is the future. We are about teaching the creation of content and the distribution of that content to multiple platforms. I could not be prouder of the work done by all of the students on the film Alva.”

Sarah Kellner ’16, is starring in the role of Alva. “I actually heard about the audition through a friend, showed up and before I knew it, I was cast as Alva,” stated Kellner. However, the process of the film wasn’t always as glamorous as it would seem. “Looking back on the whole filming process, it took real dedication. It became my daily priority, to go from class to the studio for make-up, then get on set and work out each scene with multiple takes. But it was completely worth it; the experience that I was able to endure was something I would have never been able to achieve. The people I worked with were supportive, welcoming, and an outstanding representation of the Theatre Department,” explained Kellner. The film establishes the life that occurred in the early 1940’s between sisters Alva and Willie.

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