Behind-The-Scenes at the Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen Rehearsal

Talk to Me like the Rain and Let Me and Listen, is the second of three Tennessee Williams’ One Acts being performed in this year’s Fall production. This play will be performed alongside two other well-known One Acts, including This Property is Condemned  and 27 Wagons Full of Cotton.

Talk to me Actors mixed poseTalk to Me like the Rain and Let Me Listen features two characters, a man and woman, whose relationship has become worn and lonely as a result of their living conditions.

Set during the Depression in midtown Manhattan, the woman longs for a life she can only dream about.

Their monologues reveal the desperation between their weakening relationship and the reality of living in poverty.

The role of Woman will be played by Wenona Truong, a junior at Pacific. Truong joined theatre in high school because, “theatre is big on community and teamwork” and as a result, Truong stated she has made lifelong friends.

Together with Truong, the role of Man will be played by Shaun Shah, a junior at Pacific. Shah stated that acting is about drawing from your own experiences in addition to portraying a character. Therefore, Shah explains, he will not only be playing the part of Man, but will also bring a bit of his personality into the role as well.

Sound Equipment PeopleAbove  is a sneak-peek of Truong and Shah in action during a behind-the-scenes view of their rehearsal.

During our visit, we also caught a glimpse of the stage crew hard at work.

The sound team, seen left, was busy adjusting the dials to find the perfect audio levels during the rehearsal. Meanwhile the lighting crew, seen right,  tested various shades and angles of light to discover just how bright or dimly lit the stage should be.
Talk to Me with Lighting Behind the Scenes View

With just two days left until opening night, the cast and crew are eager to show the audience all the effort they have exerted into making these plays unforgettable.

Please join us as the Pacific Theatre Arts department brings you three, Tennessee Williams, One Act plays beginning Friday, October 17th at 8p.m. in Long Theatre. For tickets and show times, please visit the box office.


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