This Property is Condemned Made its Hollywood Debut in 1966

Before he was the horse whisperer, Robert Redford starred in the 1966 movie, This Property is Condemned. Although Redford’s character in the film, Owen, was not cast for the Pacific Theatre Arts version of the play, the movie offers an interesting take on the original.

This film was adapted from the One-Act play written by Tennessee Williams and produced by Paramount Pictures.

Take a peek at the trailer from 1966!

Although the film focuses on Alva Starr, a small-town flirt with big dreams, our adaptation of the play centers around Willie Starr, Alva’s younger sister.

Set during the depression era on the outskirts of a small Mississippi town, Willie meets a boy named Tom. As she speaks to Tom, she fondly reminisces about her sister and the life they had.

Abandoned by her family, Willie is lonely, desperate and living in a condemned property.

The stories she shares with Tom provide an eerie glimpse into the life of a young girl during a dark time in American history.

This Property is Condemned PosterJessie George, a junior at Pacific, will be playing the role of Willie at the upcoming performance.

George stated that this play is, “The story of how Willie is dealing with life and coming to the realization that she has been abandoned”.

This Property is Condemned will be one of three Tennessee Williams One Acts being performed during the fall production.

To learn more about Willie, join the Willie’s World Twitter game, where you can meet characters from the play by using the hashtag #WilliesWorld.

Don’t miss Willie’s full story as she reveals the truth behind her sadness when she takes the stage beginning October 17 at 8p.m. in Long Theatre.


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